The Following Films were made by George Roland Wills, founder of the Confederate Pictures Reenactment Films:

                                                                                      NIAGARA FALLS:

                                                     The Falls of Niagara - A Documentary of Niagara Falls (2006)

                                                                Niagara Falls Meditation and Relaxation Video

                                                                                    DAYTONA BEACH

                                                Daytona Beach Ocean Waves Meditation and Relaxation Video


                                                        UP FROM SLAVERY - Booker T.'s Birthplace (Winter)

                                                        UP FROM SLAVERY - Booker T.s Birthplace (Summer)

                                                                Christmas in the Country - Christmas of 1864

                                               North  American Civil War Documentaries and Motion Pictures

                                                         The Great Sacrifice of President Jefferson Davis (2007) 

                                                                 What Really Happened at Fort Sumter (2010)

                                                                       Portrait of a Plantation (2005, 2009)

                                                                       The Surrender at Appomattox (2007)

                                              The Last Command - The Life of the Civil War Living Historians

                                                                               GUNS 'N' MOMENTS (2012)

                                     Southern Thunder 2005 - The Best Battlefield Footage from Reenactments

                                                                  INCIDENT AT JOHNSON FARM (2011)

 And  COMING in the FALL OF 2012 - The Last Confederate Pictures Reenactment Video; a planned four   hour epic presentation:

                                                                      The American Civil War (2012)




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                                                                   Some Thoughts

In my nearly fifty years upon this planet, I have witnessed a number of strange and interesting things which have taken place. When I was born, we had not been to the moon.  Coffee had to be percolated. There was no such thing as a microwave oven. Television was predominantly in black and white, and a color set was a very big deal. If you missed an episode of your favorite show, you more than likely had missed it forever.  Even syndication and re-runs were a new and exciting novelty. There were no cassette tapes, no way to make personal portable home recordings, no VCRs, no DVDs, no Walkman players, no iPods, and no computers.  No personal calculators. No Information  super highway. No cell phones. Very few pay phones. Calling Long Distance was as big as deal as buying an automobile and pound for pound, nearly as expensive; you did it very rarely, and with a great gravity for the seriousness of the act. Most aircraft were propelled by propellers; the jet airplane was in its development where the completely electrical car is today.

From my grandfather's time to my time, we basically came from the 1860's to the 1960's in lifestyle. From horses to automobiles. He was born before flight, before automobiles, before practical telephones, before air conditioning, and before the turn of the 20th century.  He was born before 'moving pictures' and practical recorded sound. 

I plan to continue making films, and exploring areas not yet documented. I have a new planned set of feature films in the works... one is called VIRGINIA! - A Documentary of Her Incredible Past.  This film will explore all of Virginia's earliest developments and contributions to this country, as the very first of states in any of the various Unions in which she has found herself... 

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